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Strawberry Gin

Summer has been caught!!! ... and we stuck it in a bottle. Huge Strawberry flavour and colour this gin reeks of Summer.

The production of this Gin has been a collaborative effort between The Super Strawberry and ourselves. 

We have used Blueberry Spirit as the base and botanicals include Blueberry, Strawberry,  Juniper, Lemon and Star Anise.

Perfect in cocktails, G&T or just neat. 40% alc v/v.

We are  'out of stock' as this product is only made in Summer!!

Cee Cee "A friend was kind enough to call in and get a bottle of Strawberry Gin whilst visiting Glen....boy am I glad she did!!! The best gin I’ve ever had!! Love it! Even hubby, who doesn’t drink gin loved it!!  I’ve been following you on Facebook for awhile with interest in what you do-I’m excited to try your other products, especially the blueberry gin...this time I won’t bother with the small bottles �"

This product is currently out of stock.

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