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Rhubarb Gin

With a delicate Rhubarb flavour, enhanced by Juniper and extended and balanced with vanilla, orange and cinnamon.  This is an absolutely gorgeous spirit.

We have reformulated this gin with an increase in orange and vanilla, macerating the spirit with the botanicals at a higher alcohol percentage.  On its final distillation this 'new' gin is sweeter with vanilla, and softer.  Previous batches have been coloured with the addition of a little more rhubarb, however this batch is clear, when warm, but clouds (with high terpenes) when temperatures drop.

The spirit is then diluted down to 45% v/v.

1/3 ice, 1/3 gin and 1/3 tonic.... the best G&T you have ever had, but for me it is served neat.


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